Located in Southern Italy, Puglia’s beauty is best explored at a slow pace to truly enjoy the region’s stunning coastline and romantic Baroque architecture.

Masseria Moroseta
Surrounded by olive trees, you will find this white stone farmhouse overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the town of Ostuni. Built with local materials and traditional techniques, the modern architecture is influenced by the Masserie of the past—an enclave of relaxation and rural simplicity.

Palazzo Daniele
Located in the small town of Gagliano del Capo is this 9 suite artist guest house, and aristocratic palazzo built in 1861. 150 years of history, and design coexist with monastic décor, minimal furnishings, bare walls, and vaulted frescos ceilings.

Il Convento 
A tranquil medieval retreat with stunning architecture, hospitality, and local cuisine. Located on the outskirts of Marittima, a small town by the sea situated on the Adriatic coast of the Salentine peninsula, on the tip of the heel of Italy.

Trattoria Le Zie
Old fashioned trattoria, where no frills charm is matched by wholesome, authentic food. Don’t miss the fava beans!

Taverno Del Porto
Indulge in the freshest seafood by the water’s edge. We recommend trying the Cavalieri linguine —garlic, oil, chili and shrimps with a chilled Verdeca chardonnay from Michele Calò & Figli (located just down the road).

Quanto Basta
Compact, lively bar mixing creative cocktails in an understated environment. Stay for a drink, enjoy some snacks or listen to wonderful live music.

Martina Franca
Explore its lovely historic centre—a memorable maze of winding alleys, where simplicity is juxtaposed with baroque extravagance.
Ciolo and Cipolliane
Spend the day hiking across the numerous trails discovering hidden beaches and caves. Bring your own food for the perfect picnic lunch.
Torre Sant’Andrea
Escape to Puglia's coastal paradise—where beauty, sunshine, and relaxation abound. Arrive early and explore both the rock formations and sandy beaches.


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