Carafe & 2 Cups Set

Carafe & 2 Cups Set


A small wooden tray on top of a medium wooden tray

Tray Duo


Grey ceramic teapot next to two short grey cups and a cupcake

Small Tea Set


Two white small cups and a switch bowl with snacks on a small wooden tray

Espresso Cup Set


One rose medium cup next to one rose carafe

Carafe & Cup Set


Stack of white ceramic and bread on oval wooden tray

Small Tray


Stack of assymetrical serving bowls

Serving Bowl Set


Switch Bowl and Short Pitcher with salt and pepper over a tray.

Switch Bowl & Short Pitcher Set


Small grey teapot with a small grey cup next to biscuits and a teabag on top of a medium tray

Complete Small Tea Set


Three different sized trays stacked

Tray Trio


White carafe and cup set on a side table next to a vase of flowers

Complete Carafe & Cup Set


Large coral teapot next to two asymmetrical coral medium cups

Large Tea Set


Full tea set on top of large oval wooden tray

Complete Large Tea Set