Grey asymmetrical ceramic cup with carbonated water

Medium Cup


Two white carafes next to half a peach



Short white ceramic cups next to empty vintage soda bottle and pink pumpkin seeds

Small Cup


Rose colored bowl next to branch of pears

Medium Bowl


A white cup and creamer stacked with biscuits tilted on them

Short Pitcher


White ceramic plates, bowls, and teapot sculpturally stacked.

Small Teapot


Rose colored ceramic plate with a knife and cheese

Medium Plate


Two lidded ceramic bowls, one closed, one open revealed candied ginger

Switch Bowl


Stack of grey bowls with grapes arching over

Large Bowl


White asymmetrical cup tilted against dried pasta

Large Cup


Grey ceramic plate with a slice of fruit bread, knife, and small matching cup beside

Small Plate


White ceramic teapot with large looping handle on its side

Large Teapot


Two small gray bowls on top of a stack of crackers

Small Bowl


Top view of a large white ceramic dinner plate with a green lead and vibrant bits of food on a light blue background

Large Plate


A small teapot, cup, and waffle treat on top of oval wooden tray

Medium Tray


Short serving bowl from the side

Shallow Serving Bowl


Asymmetrical serving bowl with slanted top

Slanted Serving Bowl


Deep serving bowl filled with watermelon, grapes and halved peaches

Deep Serving Bowl


Stack of white ceramic and bread on oval wooden tray

Small Tray


White salt and pepper shakers on beige background

Salt & Pepper


Three different sized trays stacked

Large Tray