Our intent is essentially poetic.


Our intent is essentially poetic.

We believe in the power of thoughtful objects to infuse soulful meaning into our lives — through our love of form, function and timelessness, graced with sensual beauty. 

Inspired by our shared humanity we design everyday objects that bring us joy. These are never many, but just enough — and that is plenty.



We have always believed that we are transformed by the soulfulness of the objects that surround us, as much as we are by the people we love and the ideas that expand us.

førs is committed to designing thoughtful and sustainable products that connect us more profoundly to each other and in doing so reveal our shared humanity.

We are profoundly moved by the elusive moments of beauty, by the humbleness by which we open ourselves to others, the generosity by which we share a meal and the profound conversations that linger long after we have parted and continue to enrich us.

We honor these moments that carry true meaning, that are gentle in nature and essential in intent. At the core of our design is the simple belief that enough is plenty.



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