Istanbul is a city that spans two continents, offering visitors a unique blend of cultures, history, and experiences. After spending ten days wandering through this magical city, we share some of the places that captivated our senses.

Hagia Sophia
One of the most famous landmarks in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia was originally built as a church in the 6th century and later converted into a mosque. Today, it is a museum and a stunning example of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture.

The Museum of Innocence
A must for literature lovers, The Museum of Innocence features a carefully curated collection which describe the memories and meanings associated with the objects from daily life described in Orhan Pamuk’s novel of the same name.

Basilica Cistern
Located underground, the Basilica Cistern is a vast network of ancient chambers and columns built in the 6th century to store water for the city. Walk among the columns and enjoy the cool, dimly lit atmosphere.

Georges Hotel
Georges Hotel in Galata offers stunning Bosphorus views, spacious rooms with modern amenities, and a rooftop bar and restaurant. Conveniently located near the Galata Tower and Istiklal shopping street.

Pandeli Restaurant
The restaurant has been serving customers since 1901 and is famous for its lamb shank, stuffed eggplant, and other classic Turkish dishes. The dining room features beautiful Ottoman-era decor and is a great place to experience a taste of Istanbul's rich cultural heritage.
Balat Sahil Restaurant
Located in the historic Balat neighbourhood and with stunning views of the Golden Horn. The menu features a range of seafood dishes, including fried mussels, grilled octopus, and fresh fish caught daily from the nearby Bosphorus strait. 
Spice Bazaar
Known as the "Egyptian Market" by locals, the Spice Bazaar is a bustling indoor market filled with the sights and smells of spices, sweets, and other local delicacies. It's a great place to sample Istanbul's famous Turkish delight or pick up local herbs and spices to take home.

Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir
Located in the historic Spice Bazaar, Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir is essential for anyone with a sweet tooth. The shop has been making traditional Turkish sweets since 1777 and is famous for its lokum, or Turkish delight. Sample a range of flavours while you are there and don't forget to bring some back as gifts!
Explore Istanbul's most charming, historic district filled with colourful streets, cultural treasures, and delightful local cafes. 

Grand Bazaar
One of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, the Grand Bazaar is a labyrinth of shops selling everything from jewelry and textiles to ceramics and spices. It's a great place to practice your bargaining skills and pick up unique souvenirs to take home.

Combine vintage charm with modern touches in an art-filled space. Enjoy a diverse selection of specialty coffees and tasty bites while soaking in the inspiring ambiance of this creative hideaway.




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